Stage 1:

Find Out How to Minimize Conflict!

Stage 1:

Are you thinking about or have you decided to separate?
Maybe you and your child's other parent were getting along but something has changed and now you need a formal order.

Find a Local Attorney

Text Your Ex gives you 3 Personalized Recommendations!
Most attorneys offer free consults. Make appointments with more than one. Even an initial meeting will give you an idea of how your case might go.

Get an Idea of Local Law

Find Articles & Resources for Preparing for Divorce
Local attorneys are always the best source!!!! But some online resources give you a basic idea of what to expect and what options you may have.

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Go to Mediation!!!!

Go to Mediation sooner rather than later!!!* Chances are, you both agree on a lot of parenting values and decisions right now. By getting agreement on what's important for your kids, you give them extra stability through a time of chaos.

Having a schedule before you separate lets your kids know when they will get to be with Mom and when they will get to be with Dad.  This allows them to process what is happening and know they are still safe.

By keeping your current goals, values, and discipline the same in both households it will also make it easier for your children.  Consistency and predictability signals to them that life is going to still be the same and things will be okay. 

By having an agreement in place that addresses issues before they come up, you stop a lot of fights and headaches before they happen.

Find a Local Mediator

We give you 3 Personalized Recommendations!
We take the qualities that are important to you and find local mediators who match!

Review Parenting Plans

Look at Scheduling Options & Age-Appropriate Considerations.
Figure out all of the options and start experimenting with what will work best for your kids.

Get Resources to Prepare fo Mediation

Find Articles on Mediation & Prep Questions.
Go into mediation fully prepared so you get a complete agreement and aren't caught off guard.

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'In the Battle Between Heart & Brain Mediation is the Winner'

*You do not need to be represented by an attorney to go to mediation.  You do not need to agree to anything at the mediation.  However, if you sign a mediation document it may be binding later in the proceedings.  You may be able to pay an attorney to review the mediation agreement for you, even if they don’t represent you through your entire divorce. 

Find Resources for Later

Start looking now for resources for you and your kids that will help you during the more difficult times. You'll feel better knowing that there is support out there and it's hard to go through the work of finding resources when stress is overly high.

You will have waves of emotion and times of stress and despair.  They will pass, but it will be an easier transition to your new life if you have extra support during those times.  By having resources on hand when emotions become difficult it will help keep you on a better path forward and make your journey an easier one.

Prepare Your Financial Future

Money advice for pre & post separation.

Find Resources for Your Kids

Start reading books on how children process divorce & learn about resources specifically for children.

Locate Counseling Resources

Find out where to access a counselor for you or your kids to help work through all of the emotions of divorce in a healthy way.

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"The difference between a stress and a trauma is a helping hand."

Make the Transition to Your New Life as
Easy As Easy As Possible

Let Text Your Ex!

You KNOW this is going to be hard! Don't make it harder than it needs to be! Know that you will get through this, your kids will be okay, and you have a new life waiting. Protect yourself from conflict and stress until things have settled.

Of course you need to learn how to communicate with your Ex!  You will!  
The secret is not to let things get any worse.  If you can keep the hard feelings and hurtful words to a minimum, things will be so much easier!  By getting affordable help from Text Your Ex, you are setting yourself up for a better future.

find out how to co-parent without conflict by using Text Your Ex

Use your Energy to Parent,
not Fight with your Co-Parent.

We must let go of the life we have planned to find the one that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell
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